WASTECONTROL - The fully automatic sensor system for waste bins and/or containers etc

VU-1 is a volume sensor system used for controlling, optimizing and monitoring all forms of containers.

The complete system consists of:

  • Sensor, which registers the volume level in various types of containers.
  • Router, which through either GSM or WiFi signals transmits data to cloud-based databases.
  • Database, with automatic pick-up request system, registering single container data, pick-up times, content level and stored historical data on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

VU-1 is a volume sensor system used for controlling, optimizing and monitoring all forms of containers.

The sensors use ultrasonic measuring techniques and are calibrated to cover various sizes and types of containers.

GU-1 is an advanced router, transforming and submitting data received from up to 200 VU-1 volume sensors. GU-1 operates by either GSM or WiFi. Data is transmitted to the cloud-based databases.

Databases store and handle data received from the routers, or directly from the volume sensors. 

Automatic pick-up requests for each individual and/or group of containers are submitted to the relevant haulage company, either in request form or through files, which are convertible with the logistic systems used by that specific haulage company.

Thus, there is a complete and controlled source of data at no extra expense to specific logistic planning programmes. 

This means that all haulage companies can use the WASTECONTROL system without changing their existing data and planning programmes.

​The WASTECONTROL system can be used on all types of containers in all types of sizes and shapes, e.g.:

  • Waste bins
  • Waste containers
  • Wells
  • Slurry tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Clothes´ containers

​The WASTECONTROL fully automatic sensor system ensures significant economical and environmental savings, and full monitoring gives the possibility of, for example:

  • Savings of an average of 35% on emptying costs
  • Eliminating costs on emptying half-full or empty containers
  • Monitoring waste statistics
  • Individual waste charges depending on volume and pick-up frequencies
  • Database registering of pick-up data on a joint or an individual basis
  • Flexible and convertible with various existing logistic programmes. Can be used by road haulage companies independently from logistic programmes currently in use. No single forced data programme and no additional costs
  • Works with a set-up in a series of sensor units, so all similar waste types will be emptied only when all the containers have been filled, securing an optimized joint emptying sequence at each separate address
  • Data information for waste accounting, environmental accounting etc.
  • Minimizing Co2 emissions through optimized pick-up logistic
  • Smart City convertible

​The WASTECONTROL sensor system guarantees you an improved overview, less work and substantial savings.

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